CME (Continuing Medical Education) is the system set up for healthcare professionals for

professional training and updating.

CME credits are indicators of the amount of training/learning performed by healthcare

professionals during CME activities.

The CME obligation is addressed to all healthcare professionals recognized by the regulations in

force and registered in the Professional Register.

The obligation to update starts from 01/01 of the calendar year following that of registration in

the professional register and continues as long as the professional is practicing the profession.

Healthcare professionals are required to earn 150 CME credits for each three-year training period.

There are many different types of CME events to choose from: Residential Courses, Field Training,

Distance Learning Courses, CME Webinars, Individual Training.

The registry of CME credits of each health professional is managed by Cogeaps. You can enroll in the

reserved area of the Cogeaps registry through the portal www.cogeaps.it and check the credits


In order to participate in our online courses, you must register on the platform. You will then need

to keep the credentials (username and password) generated during registration in order to access

the platform from time to time and enroll in individual courses.

In this case is it possible to contact the technical assistance that will proceed to communicate the

forgotten password or it is possible to proceed with a new registration on the platform.

According to current regulations, each class must be attended at least 90% of the time.

You must complete the satisfaction questionnaire and obtain a passing grade on the CME learning


The questionnaires are available on the page dedicated to the individual course. You have 3 days

from the date of the end of the course to complete them (72 hours).

According to the regulations in force in case of failure, it is necessary to attend the lessons again for

the entire duration. The maximum number of attempts allowed is 5 and the sufficiency is reached

with 75% of correct answers.

All course materials required to pass the learning questionnaire, including the video lecture

recording, will be available on the course page.

After the Provider has checked the necessary requirements, it will be possible to download the

certificates on the page dedicated to the course.

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